Residential Project Management | A Period Farm In the New Forest

— 18 Jul 2019 09:09:00 by Declan O'Riordan

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Rockall Projects has recently been engaged to provide their residential project management expertise on behalf of a high net worth client in the New Forest. We will be acting as clients representative for coordinating and delivering various projects on a private period farm and outbuildings. This is a diverse, multi-faceted project requiring defined skill sets and the management of multiple contractors.

Residential Project Management Summary

  • Clients Representative
  • Single point of contact for the client
  • Advice on appointment of contractors and professional team
  • Development of master programme for works
  • Design management
  • Competitive tendering of the work packages to proven contractors
  • Quality control
  • Financial management of contractors
  • Comprehensive reporting to client

Clients Representative

Rockall will act on behalf of the client, providing them with a single point of contact, ensuring the quality of service from the contractors meets their high expectations. In this case, we are special advisors for the client on the appointment of contractors as well as a professional team of architects, engineers, quantity surveyors, etc. Continuing through the project we will act as a conduit for information between the client, professional team and the contractors. Establishing correct lines of communication is an important aspect to increase efficiency of works and reduce the burden on the client. The building project management will include re-roofing the primary dwelling, major landscaping in the grounds, construction of a new pool house and various remedial works across the site. Always considering the character and constraints of a period property.

Project Planning

Acting as special advisors to the client throughout the design process, we will manage the professionals, ensuring the clients wishes are portrayed at planning phase and incorporated to the project, where feasible. This role will extend to managing the tender process, making sure the competitive tendering and due diligence delivers the right contractor for each element of the project. This is a diverse, multi-faceted project on a period property and that requires multiple skill sets and contractors. The project planning involves developing a master programme for works, communicating timelines between all parties. The aim of the master programme is to ensure the various elements of the project all come completion at ‘milestones’, striving to deliver successful works to an agreed budget and timescale.

Quality Control

A core part of the project management service is upholding stringent quality control through the build process. Controls, regular meetings and updates from the contractors will help to ensure that timescales are met and the construction process conforms to required standards. Regular quality control and reporting will maintain momentum throughout the build, helping to negate slippage and overrun.

Project Reporting

Our project managers will act as link between client and contractor throughout the build. Using our expertise and experience in residential build projects, we will provide a pathway from concept to completion of the project. At each phase, we will provide the client with regular, comprehensive, project reports. Undertaking financial monitoring and approval of payments within this reporting framework means the client is informed throughout, but without the stress and time taken to liaise with the multiple contractors.

Rockall Residential Project Management

This is an exciting ongoing project, acting as the interface between client and contractors. Our role as project manager is understanding the importance of the project, aiming to deliver on time and on budget.

Rockall can act on your behalf to ensure the quality of service delivered meets your high expectations. We offer a tailored residential project management service to suit you. Find out more about our other projects or contact us today to discuss your next project requirements.

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