Building defect diagnosis

Rockall Projects specialise in building defect diagnosis using the most modern methods to identify issues from leaks to excessive thermal loss in all types of structures. 

Drone inspections

Rockall Projects are specialists in high-level aerial building surveys and inspections on tower, chimney structures and roofing using the latest radio controlled quadcopter drones (UAV’s).

Clients include property owners, tenants, chartered surveyors, consultants, local councils and religious organisations. Our projects include listed buildings, retail parks, churches, industrial sites, wind turbines, solar farms, towers and historic buildings.

All of our pilots are CAA approved and are skilled in flying aerial survey drones to get a view of those “difficult to reach” places. We can fly our drones close to the roof or building to get detailed aerial camera ultra-HD 4K video footage or 12 megapixel still aerial images reducing cost and eliminating health and safety risk.  


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Thermal imaging

Where there are suspected problems with the building fabric such as moisture ingress, condensation and mould growth or where there is the perception that the thermal efficiency isn't what it should be, a thermal imaging survey can provide excellent visual and quantitative evidence of the causes of the suspected problems.

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